HKS is committed to support the communities in which it operate in and were its employees work and live. HKS provide, grants to organizations that address critical needs and work to improve the quality of life in these communities.

In Egypt, the bulk of HKS grants fall into the following categories.

  • Economic Development Programs:

As part of HKS-Group Plan to ensure fairness and economic opportunity, we have undertaken a major contribution to the organization aimed to young people and women entrepreneurs such as “Future Generation Foundation”, which carries out a noble efforts to the society and the young people of the Nation.

HKS was honored the Platinum Certificate from the “Future Generation Foundation” in recognition to her contribution to the organization during the year 2002.

  • Humanitarian Organization:

HKS-Group belief that is should has responsibility to support the organizations alleviating the suffering of the people, with HKS full confidence with the role of the Egyptian Red Crescent to (ERC) alleviating the suffering of the people and its responsibility in the community, the Group continuously support the ERC, whom in recognition to the Group continuous support the Group was honored the Platinum Reward during the year 2002.

  • Infrastructure Program:

One of the Group objectives is to tribute the Nation of this country and this is achieved and translated by the following projects which has been built on the cost of HKS-Group.

  • New Departure & Arrival Halls in the International Airport of Sharm El Sheikh, with a cost of ~ $2,000,000, the Airport currently handle around 3 million travelers per year.

  • The Grand Mosque of Sharm El Sheikh, which has been opened toprayers during the year 2001, the Mosque has been named the “Grand Mosque of Sharm El Sheikh”, due to the fact it is the largest Mosque in North and South Sinai, with a covered walls of tender looking Italian marble, the Mosque can accommodate around 1,000 prayers.
  • As HKS is committed to the environment, South Sinai Water Company (SSWC), one of the Group Companies layed and connected on its cost, fresh water pipes supply daily around 200 m3 of water to the largest public garden in the City of Sharm El Sheikh, the existence of such garden shall benefit the environment. to assist the inhabitants of the economical buildings of City of Sharm El Sheikh to live a smoother life with an uninterrupted water supply, free of charge.