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South Sinai Water Company

Desalination of Red Sea water using Reverse Osmosis process in natural protected and Touristic areas considering especially the feed and discharge of the process.

For many years, the water supply at Red Sea for Domestic & Touristic purpose has depended upon supply by trucks from wells far away.

The need to meet water demand minimums consumption of energy has lod the installation of Reverse Osmosis System. A peripheral, but nevertheless significant aspect concerning the environment.

It was necessary to take into consideration the feed and the discharge of the reject brine in a manner that did not upset environment. South Sinai Water Company Desalination is the first large Sea water desalination plant at Sinai using the Reverse Osmosis process. The plant has been built at Naama Bay with capacity of 3.000 m3/day extended to 7.000 m3/day.

The plant is located almost 1km from the sea in a touristic area. The plant was started upon 15 June 1995.

  • South Sinai Treatment Plant

South Sinai Water Company has selected the different way to keep Naama bay as clean as possible by dealing with domestic sewage with the next up to date technology. This project started on April 1996 and fully operational realty by March 1997

SSWC has already expanded their facility to produce 6000m3 potable water per day and will be up to 7000m3 as of April 1997.

The water treatment plant will be sufficient to fulfill the capacity needed in the present and near future of the area.

The plant is located approximately 10 km from Naama Bay fully integrated with Staff Building Maintenance Ware-Houses, Computer Data Base, Filling Stations etc. to complete and satisfy the necessary needs of the plant.




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